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How Microlearning revamped our client’s Marketing process?

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How Microlearning revamped our client’s Marketing process?

Customer Profile

Our Client is one of India’s top Life insurers with 600 branches, 11,000 employees, 125 lakh life insurance policies in force and Rs. 3076 crores worth Assets under management.

Business Need

Insurance in India has always been a knowledge driven industry as it involves educating the customers about the need for Insurance. Also the regulatory norms require insurance sales personnel to be certified by the authorities concerned. Our client identified this need well ahead and had implemented a robust training strategy to constantly update the sales force with the knowledge of various insurance policies sold by the company.

They were no strangers to eLearning and were serious users of online learning resources for their employee’s training needs for more than 2 years. But changing times demand change in strategies and learning strategies also require revamp over a period of time to suit increasing business needs.

The Challenge

  • Just in Time learning was missing in the existing eLearning content
  • The long duration of eLearning courses was not suitable for mobile learning

The Solution

Mycoach Learning has been the trusted Learning Technology partner for them since they implemented eLearning in their organisation and launched Mycoach LMS. As a counter to the new challenges they faced, we suggested Microlearning assets for all their insurance policies being sold in the market. The assets primarily included 2 to 3 minute short videos and were supplemented by infographics on the same.

The solutions proved to be a game changer as the sales personnel instantly adopted the colourful, scenario-based and relevant graphical representations used in the assets. They were also available in local languages to which enabled the sales personnel to use these assets during their sales pitch. Most sales personnel used these assets to refresh their knowledge just before visiting a customer and also to display these videos to customers on their mobile screens while pitching the which enhanced the reputation of the organisation.

This also inspired their marketing team to use these videos for marketing in Social Media. Today, we create various Microlearning videos and infographics for their digital marketing campaigns of new launches. This solution was an instant hit as it served both their training team and marketing team.

Business Impact

  • Consistent, integrated and Just in Time knowledge required by sales personnel to sell policies
  • Learning analytics indicated 91% of Sales personnel accessing Microlearning assets in a week
  • Mobile App download of Mycoach LMS increased by 350% in just one month
  • Marketing team saved 10% of their annual digital marketing costs that would rather be spent on creating videos for social media


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