How a company reduced its on boarding time from 10 days to 10 Hours?

How a company reduced its on boarding time from 10 days to 10 Hours?

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How a company reduced its on boarding time from 10 days to 10 Hours?

Customer Profile

Our client is among India’s premier commercial vehicle Financiers. It has a wide network of over 2500 branches, with an estimated 1 trillion assets under management and staff of 25000 across the country.

Business Need

Most of the new recruits to the organisation are fresh graduates or with irrelevant industry experience. The Induction process is tedious with 10 days of instructor led training and 20 days of on the job support by superiors. 80% of the staff are sales personnel with employee turnover of around 20% per year. 90% of the employee turnover engulfs employees with less than 1 year experience. They realized that it is harder to allocate time for formal, in-person training, as the demands of their business increased. Also they wanted to embed earning into the lives of employees to increase their engagement levels and enable personal and professional development. Hence the organisation was contemplating to digitise the learning powered by modern technologies.

The Challenge

The client faced the following challenges in the current Induction program.

  • Long training periods which also involved key resources spending their valuable time in training
  • Lack of analytics to measure learner progress or determine the effectiveness of training interventions
  • Lack of flexibility related to classroom training schedules
  • Expensive facilitation and logistics
  • Inconsistency and duplication of efforts across the branch locations

Business Need

Mycoach Learning brought a paradigm shift to their learning approach and to establish a new digital learning model by hosting numerous design-thinking sessions with the key stakeholders. We identified the capabilities of the learning platform required to deploy this new learning strategy effectively. Our key focus was to deliver learning in the flow of work without compromising on-the-job experiences and suggested to schedule the induction program even before the employee joined the organisation. We used myCoach LMS as the platform to deliver the learning assets and our administration team extended full support in execution through proactive endeavours.

The learning platform was integrated with the HR Management system (HRMS) of the client and any new hire with access to their HRMS can access the induction program. This resulted in many new hires completing the program at home and enter the business with essential knowledge and a positive sense of company culture. This also turned out to be a rubric to measure the new joiner’s interest and motivation level. The platform’s diversified streams displayed content and content recommendations based on skill mapping and job design.

The learning assets covered various topics that range from s, processes, procedures, regulations to selling behaviours Existing content was redefined into a story based short videos, SCORM compliant page-turner, HTML5 based interactive pages and infographics. The Content lab of mycoach learning (instructional designers, video-makers, graphic designers, illustrators) worked with our client’s Learning team and Subject matter experts constantly to develop the learning assets that provide learning with fun.

Business Impact

  • Annual savings of Rs. 37, 00,000 on Logistics and Facilitation costs
  • 67% of the new hires completed Induction program before Day 1 of their job
  • The solution created a premium image for the organisation even before the new hires joined
  • Replaced the 10-day classroom training with 10 hours of learning
  • Enormous savings in time enabling the learning team to focus on one to one support to new hires


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