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Axle LMS (Learning Management System), on all accounts, is a well-rounded solution developed, albeit keeping in mind to accommodate the organizations’ learning and development needs. This end-to-end platform can contain a wide array of corporate L&D needs to enable a stimulating learning environment in your organization.

Why Choose Axle LMS?

Axle LMS is an LMS for Corporates that offer businesses to enroll a more significant number of users into their programs and access the designated course of programs. The Axle LMS enables corporate firms to train their employees or end-users about their products and services with a host of informative videos, manuals, and documents.

Features of the platform

Learning Management Software

Customizable UI

The learning platform can be customized to suit your organization’s concepts that the learners can feel a familiarity with

  • Multi-device compatbility
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Responsive UX
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Facile Learning management

Seamless course and activity management that enables the L&D experts to

  • Handle certifications
  • Add new courses in multiple formats
  • Customize the learning path
  • Manage the needed certifications
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Learning Engagement tools

Ensure the learning information retains by the use of interactive methodologies like,

  • Gamification
  • Chat-based system
  • Ratings throughout the course
  • Discussion forums and panels
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Allow learners to access the content anytime, anywhere through the dedicated app with well-rounded features such as,

  • Collaborative learning
  • Offline learning
  • Tracking management
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Integration and Scalability

Novac Learning is compatible with various enterprise tools that can support you in scaling up the L&D functions to a wider user base

  • Easy migration
  • Integration with Enterprise support and external tools
  • Single sign in
Learning Management System

Learning Analytics

Get insights about individual learner’s performance through the inbuilt analytics

  • Tracking options
  • Detailed reports
  • Course reports
  • Extensive Leaderboards
Learning Management Software


A dedicated support team to assist the L&D team to oversee and resolve any technical issues.

  • Faster and on-point support from the said team
  • Implementing learning strategies to resolve any queries
Learning Management System

Authoring Tool

An in-built authoring tool that provides necessary tools in the platform to

  • Include a vast array of multimedia objects in courses
  • Create optimized courses to be displayed as such
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Blended Learning

Bring instructor-led training and eLearning onto a single program for a seamless administration of L&D

  • Virtual classroom with whiteboard
  • Video Conferencing
  • Training Approval

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