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Looking to deliver an engaging, effective eLearning or training solution, then Novac Learning is a great place to start. We help organizations of any size with cutting-edge learning solutions and form a collaborative approach from the start to consistently deliver quality eLearning materials on time. With a host of training solutions in our arsenals, we deploy evidence-based methodology to meet the organization's needs, design, and performance sectors. Our team carefully curates eLearning content development solutions including immersive learning, microlearning, scenario-based learning, blended learning, and more.

We also contain two learning management systems created for specific facets of training in both corporate and enterprises - Axle and Klass LMS respectively. Novac Learning is a recognized leader in the learning and training industry for our commitment to strive for excellence and the upkeep of learning experiences for organizations. Our top-of-the-line training materials, quick project turnaround, and flexibility set us apart in the industry for the time to come.

Our 3 point approach


Help learners comprehend and partake on the information

Our learning solution developers integrate various methods to help learners to comprehend information through a wide range of mediums like audio, video, infographic, text and other types of visualization.

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