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LMS System

An LMS organizes, delivers, and tracks learning content and activities and a host of features that transform the training process. Novac Klass LMS, a cloud-based learning management system, aids organizations to deliver your training content in various interactive ways with DRM protection and much more.

Why Choose Novac Klass LMS?

Novac Klass LMS is an LMS for Enterprises that allows businesses to take the training to the next level as the technology transforms. Most eCommerce and enterprise organizations can provide training to their employees or external learners through the library of course content or membership subscriptions. Novac Klass LMS assists training organizations in delivering and tracking the content, assisting with selling memberships, enrolling users in courses, setting up class schedules, or conducting other tasks such as analytics and reports.

Attributes of Novac Klass LMS

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Access Management

The platform requires users to authenticate themselves through an authorization process that permits the user to access the level or the courses which are undergoing and are entitled.

  • Password Policy
  • Custom Access Rights
LMS System

Adaptive Learning

Klass LMS can change the lesson content and structure to appeal to individual learning pathways achieved through dynamic technologies in place.

  • Content unlock through achievements
  • Content Completion Tracking
  • Content Access Restrictions
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Catalogue Management

This module allows the admin to create a customized set of courses and learning plans for the learners to enroll.

  • Configurable Catalogue
  • Custom courses
  • Course introduction video
LMS System

Content Management

The content management system of Klass LMS allows the admin with appropriate permissions to edit, add, and view content with the set access controls.

  • Multiple Course Formats
  • Content upload facility
  • Course properties and completion criteria
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Assessments include a host of question forms that allow your learner to assess their achievement on a concept in a short period.

  • Pre and Post-Course Assessments
  • Timed Assessments
  • Instructor feedback
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Learner Management

Admins of the platform can focus on educating learners to develop their skills or behaviors effectively through a battery of tests, quizzes, and assessments.

  • Manage Course Enrolment
  • Manage Users and Learning Plan
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Report Management

Klass LMS can track, assess, and monitor learners’ progress with powerful reporting capabilities, including generating standard reports and custom reports.

  • Admin Reports
  • User Reports

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