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Blended Learning: The Why, What and How in 5 Steps

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Blended Learning: The Why, What and How in 5 Steps

Corporate training is now engaging state-of-the-art technologies with the legacy learning systems and taking it to the next level. The classroom approach is transforming into online training, along with conventional methods still in place. Organizations are now preferring the blended learning solution, ensuring learners have the right set of online training tools with traditional content that meets the organization’s goals.

The blended learning system brings together online learning objectives with top-of-the-line technologies, thereby allowing learners to reach full potential at their own pace.

How can blended learning be delivered efficiently?

Blended training can be done in multiple ways depending on the nature of training and other factors in accordance


Also known as Virtual Instructor-Led Training employs a virtual platform to connect learners from different geographical locations. The training mostly includes an instructor teaching the material along with activities, quizzes, etc. The content and other resources are made available to the learner and can be assessed without any hassles. The results are shared quickly and can be tracked, thereby determining the learner’s performance.

A blended approach of ILT/VILT in online training

Hours of instructor-led training can lead to boredom, so the right mix of both components can be offered to the learners. Several elements of the ILT and e-learning based training complement each other, especially during the onboarding and induction process

Five reasons why Blended training platform is gaining traction

Personalized and learner-centric

Offering personalized content specifically designed for individual learners is one of the reasons why blended learning is preferred. Its flexibility facilitates knowledge acquisition for those who prefer interactive formats of eLearning content. Blended learning allows you to combine different content delivery tools and assessments that address the pain points and preferences of the learner.

Extend learner’s efficiency

The advantage of today’s learning is that learners can seek to complete their course anytime, anywhere they want, leading to the accessibility of learning materials that best suit their individual needs. This improves the efficiency of the learner as they complete their courses quicker than compared to the traditional setup.

Engaging content for higher knowledge retention

Keeping the learners’ attention and retaining the information on a course is the biggest challenge of the instructors. Creating scenarios, virtual classrooms, microlearning courses that are designed for the learners’ capacity and goals in mind, blended learning brought the setting of the classroom with engaging elements in place.

Collaborative Learning

Learners who tend to work together as a team have retained more information as compared to the lone ranger. Blended learning enables learners to work, participate in groups, and provide feedback to each other. This collaborative learning aims to improve the dynamics of learners within a team and be motivated to involve in the learning process actively.

Time efficiency for both the organization and learner

Since everything is online, it is easier for the instructor and learner to reflect on the performance of the learner almost immediately. And the course is self-paced, allowing the organizations to reach a broader audience in a short time.


Teaching a group of learners with individual goals is not an easy task. It is imperative to retain information, increase engagement for the learners, and Novac Learning’s Blended Learning Solution provides the right blend of learning formats to establish an efficient training in your organization with the right tools in place.


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