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Transformative soft skills training delivered at scale with VR and AI In Partnership with Bodyswap

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Transformative soft skills training delivered at scale with VR and AI In Partnership with Bodyswap


Novac, in collaboration with Bodyswaps, Europe’s leading VR & AI Soft Skills Training Providers, offers virtual reality-based training modules for Corporates that let their employees take up soft skills training safely in a realistic environment. Novac is the exclusive business partner in India for Bodyswaps.

Bodyswaps leverages immersive simulations and AI to empower learners through off-the-shelf library courses that focus on soft skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership, and job interview skills.

Designed for corporates, Bodyswaps combines the distribution platform with immersive technology to provide training modules for workplace communication. With a myriad of modules containing a number of different simulations with their own set of learning objectives, Workplace Communication Essentials, Inclusive Leadership, Customer Experience, and Career Mind Set are among the programs available.


How it works:

Practice :Hone your skills in your own way, using your voice and body language in any situation

Bodyswaps :Swap bodies and watch the situation and your response from another perspective

Feedback :Get constructive feedback and access your behavioural analysis to improve your response.


Public Speaking

Tailored immersive public speaking courses that help employees to connect with the audience and present persuasive speeches. We connect four key components of public speaking: Composure, Performance, Charisma, and Content


Workplace Communication

Foster creativity and respectful communication among employees in a conducive work environment. The training modules adopt the best practices for active listening, clear communication skills, gender inclusion, and career mindset development


Inclusive Leadership

Transform your company’s leadership culture by promoting the diverse, and cross-disciplinary well-being of your employees. The module is designed for understanding conflict, giving feedback, and resolving conflict.


Diversity Training

Create an honest and open workplace with diversity training that pushed the need for equity and inclusion at the forefront. The module sheds light on exploring how bias is a barrier, identifying the social identity of privilege, and navigating microaggressions.


Customer Experience

Create fulfilling first impressions with your clients by going above and beyond the immediate conflict resolutions and finding ways to mitigate them. The modules offer courses on reassurance, improving customer services in difficult situations, and more.


If you are interested in learning more about any of the Bodyswaps soft skills simulations, schedule your free demo today.


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    Nice Blog

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    Nice Blog

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