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Microlearning: The solution to train your multi-generational workforce

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Microlearning: The solution to train your multi-generational workforce

Today’s organizations are mostly millennial-friendly and are equipped to train these tech-savvy employees. What if your organization contains four generations of employees co-existing in a workplace with the technology in place? Different profiles and years of experience can present a myriad of challenges for the training team as each of the employees possess a goal to be reached.  The ideal team would be a blend of 4 generations of Baby Boomers (born between 1944-1964)Gen X (born between 1965-1979)Gen Y or Millennials (born between 1980-1994)Gen Z (born between 1995-2015)So, what’s the optimal training that can be done for the inter-gen workforce? There are several approaches, but each one should be unique and cater to the needs of the required gen.

How this multi-gen workforce poses a challenge to the L&D team?

There would be noticeable differences between the generations, but all of them share some commonality while sharing a workplace and during training. First, the employees from different generations have an innate ability to learn something new and keep on track with the organizations. Secondly, employees of any generation don’t want their workplace to be detrimental to their personal growth. And finally, employees are not learning skills for a set career; they are seeking learning as an extension to further their career in the organization.

Common factors that can be implemented during training

Despite the differences between the generations, training should have the following aspects to them as to impact the full experience of it.

  • Flexibility in training
  • Imbibing new formats of learning tools in the training
  • Ingesting short concepts on the go
  • Easily accessible and mobile-friendly
  • Triggers to complete the course like notifications and other aids.
  • Recognition

Microlearning based training is a series of short learning topics that range from 2-8 minutes and always focus on one specific topic. They are high-impact formats and can map through every generation’s profile training needs, by implementing,

  • Structured learning
  • Performance-based support tools
  • Instructor-led Training support

Engage your employees with a story or theme

Storytelling is an art that has its ups and down with the protagonist facing a dilemma and comes out victorious with a happily ever after ending. Weave a story or a theme around your compliance training program and hook the employees’ attention to the module. Allow them to relate it to real-life issues, and they can come to their conclusion of following the rules and regulations in the workplace in a practical manner.


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