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How to utilize Gamification to improve Compliance Training

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How to utilize Gamification to improve Compliance Training

“Mandatory compliance training,” you can hear a collective sigh go up among your employees. Since it is mandatory training, your organization has to push your employees to complete through long forms of texts and presentations that absolutely no value if it not finished. Driving employees to complete the training might be challenging and might not be something they look forward to.

So what is the way to transform the monotonous and tedious task into engaging and personalized content? Through the gamification compliance training. Gamification is an untapped resource with enormous potential to change the face of corporate training and help reach the compliance mandate.

Why is Gamification necessary to boost up the compliance training in organizations?

Most compliance training focuses on bland topics such as GDPR, POSH, bribery, and corruption. This form of training isn’t engaging and are required by law to comply with the regulatory issues. The importance of compliance training is to help employees understand the compliance and ethical issues given under any circumstances that arise.

Gamification is the answer where you can engage your employees in training and also retain the knowledge with games and also trigger the desired behavioral change, thus maintaining the employees’ awareness level and compliance as intended.

Four critical pillars to Gamify your Compliance Training

Include rewards, penalty points, badges, and other side quests to amp up the training

One of the pros of integrating gamification into corporate training is the ability to include rewards, penalty points, badges, progress bars, and other interactive elements that empower the employees to find the difference between the ‘right’ and ‘wrong.’ In gamification form, choosing the right decision earns you rewards, and bad choices earn you penalties. This is a great retention technique and reinforces the mandated policy for the employees.

Engage your employees with a story or theme

Storytelling is an art that has its ups and down with the protagonist facing a dilemma and comes out victorious with a happily ever after ending. Weave a story or a theme around your compliance training program and hook the employees’ attention to the module. Allow them to relate it to real-life issues, and they can come to their conclusion of following the rules and regulations in the workplace in a practical manner.

Add a human touch to make the training feel real.

Real-world scenarios require a real human touch. Figuratively not literally. In real-world situations, employees are given a chance to choose an important decision that might have effects on all around them. Thus employees can understand the consequences of taking relevant decisions in real-life and act accordingly. Make the learner do something through the on-screen character rather than selecting between the options present.

Give precise instructions and allow employees to give feedback.

Like Gandalf leading the Hobbits through the middle-earth, it is imperative to include a virtual guide or instructions to help employees’ progress through the game. If the employee gets sidetracked out of the game, he/she must be alerted and guided through proper feedbacks. This will bolster the employee’s competence by the end of the course

Benefits of integrating gamification in compliance training

There are pros while integrating gamification in compliance training, for it has shown its integrity and better ROI compared to other sticky learning tools. When done right, gamification can unlock better interactivity and a portrayal of compliance training in organizations

  • Higher engagement
  • Better recall and knowledge retention among employees
  • Immersive experience
  • Better decision-making skills
  • Personalized courses with the content correction
  • Higher course completion rate
  • Instills the required behavioral change


Gamification is a proven and powerful way of training employees in real-world scenarios that allows them to think and retain the knowledge they have acquired during the course. Compliance training is considered effective only when employees can comply with the policies and regulations set in place. Novac Learning creates compliance training courses with gamification elements imbibed into it, thereby increasing the awareness levels and compliance in the organization of any scale.


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