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How to simplify remote employee training using Novac Axle LMS

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How to simplify remote employee training using Novac Axle LMS


Undoubtedly, remote work is gaining popularity now. However, employee training is an important aspect that can never be compromised. This has accelerated the need for an advanced LMS. It can serve various purposes. An LMS for corporates can be utilized for on-demand training, employee engagement, and tracking the progress of workers.

What are the salient features of Axle learning management software?

Gamification - Organizations can make remote worker training more engaging by introducing gamification. Eventually, the issue of badges, points, and rewards for achievements will promote healthy competition during learning. Leaderboards can feature employees who completed the most number of courses. This will enable continued usage of the LMS and greater learner engagement. Gamification measures progress continuously, recognizes achievements, and builds the confidence of learners.

The usage of charts and graphs for highlighting top performers will motivate remote workers to perform better. In the long run, employees will feel more involved despite working in isolation. Besides that, gamification makes learning more fun and interactive. The introduction of interesting lessons will boost understanding and increase retention.

Mobile Learning - Amidst huge growth in smartphone penetration, mobile learning increases convenience for remote employees. With easy access to content and materials, workers have complete control over the pace of their learning. Apart from that, LMS platforms like Axle offer options like access to discussion forums, training calendars, and offline learning.


Collaboration Tools - Employees can share their expertise and knowledge on a range of topics. It enables remote workers to get together and build their skills. LMS systems like Axle have collaborative tools like course ratings, threaded discussion forums, blogs, and peer-based assessments. Workers can identify potential improvements by having a private chat with trainers.

Assessment Tools - The effectiveness of training can be known through comprehensive assessments. It helps in analyzing the knowledge and skills of workers. Quizzes, assignments, and tests conducted during and after training sessions will identify below-par performers who require an extra push. Axle learning management software can include assessments as part of training programs. This will enable employees to understand their position. Trainers can prepare a better plan as they will know who needs to be trained in what.

In-depth reporting - Trainers can keep a close watch on the activities of learners through detailed reports. Comprehensive data is collected to prepare analytical reports. LMS platforms like Axle will provide insights related to learner activity, progress made, and competencies. Accordingly, e-learning content can be modified based on the different kinds of reports (drill-down, filterable by groups, inbuilt admin, inbuilt course, and scheduled).

How Axle LMS solves the different issues related to remote training

Reduced interaction between workers and trainers -Seamless communication is possible on the Axle learning management software for corporates. Auto-reminder emails, custom notifications, messages, and integration with web conferencing platforms will ensure that trainers will constantly stay in touch with learners.

Adopting a multimedia approach to remote learning in the form of videos, images, audio, games, text, and clickable links will make training more dynamic. This will lead to sessions becoming more interesting. Trainees can also provide feedback after attending the sessions and programs. Accordingly, changes can be made to increase its effectiveness.

Absence of technical support -Remote training can be effective only if real-time support is available to employees. This will help in automatically resolving technical issues and queries. Hence, e-learning strategies can be implemented in a hassle-free manner.

Workforce training - LMS platforms like Axle can prepare workers for the rigors of the job. It can manage all aspects of training centrally. Trainers and subject matter experts can easily add courses in several formats and upload new content. It also offers the advantage of flexibility since many remote workers can be trained at once.

Inability to track employee progress -Our Axle learning management software can accurately measure training results for employees. It has an inbuilt analytics mechanism. Hence, insights are available about each learner’s performance. Data related to course reports and extensive leaderboards are available on a real-time basis. With improved reporting capabilities, our LMS platform can measure both content and employee performance.


Huge training budgets - Offline training will involve incurring expenses on equipment, instructors, travel, accommodation, and venue. However, facilitation costs can be reduced significantly if training is moved online. Axle LMS for corporates is highly cost-effective as it streamlines content development and course creation.

Wrapping Up - LMS platforms enhance the quality of training. Collaborative learning, 3rd party integration, and inbuilt content authoring tools will create a better e-learning experience. Axle LMS for corporates will function as the right software for remote training. It is budget-friendly, packed with features, and will be a suitable fit for different kinds of enterprises. Thus, training will become a core part of the organization’s culture when they start using our LMS systems. Do you want to maximize the benefits offered by e-learning and online training? Reach out to Novac Learning now and use our modular learning management software.


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