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How AXLE LMS lower employee training costs

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How AXLE LMS lower employee training costs


In recent times, the need for an effective learning management system is high amongst corporate companies. Organizations ought to train their employees to ensure an optimum level of performance. Instead of incurring huge costs on hiring trainers and administering courses, choosing a modern LMS will go a long way in reducing the total budget.

While legacy learning systems struggled to uplift engagement and capture the imagination of employees, Axle LMS systems offered by Novac Learning tick the right boxes. It can create content, deliver training modules, and track the progress made by employees over a period. Round-the-clock learning is facilitated as interactive content is available 24x7x365. Ultimately, this will lead to a positive impact as employees will perform better in their job.

What are the notable features of our LMS for corporates platform?

User Friendly interface - Old-fashioned LMS lack customization and it is a complex task to modify the user interface. However, our Next-Gen LMS like Axle can create a custom e-learning environment. This will lead to a better experience for employees. We offer features like multi-device compatibility and multi-lingual support. This ensures that learners can modify the platform according to their requirements. In the long run, this optimizes the cost of training employees.

Facile Learning - Trainers can effectively manage the activities and courses of learners. Axle LMS for corporates allows experts to add new courses in numerous formats. This results in a personalized learning experience. Subject specialists can define the learning goals and identify the skill gaps of employees in advance. This eases the entire process of learning and simplifies certification management.



Several engagement tools - Apart from requesting employees for feedback regarding the training sessions, our LMS systems like Axle use interactive methodologies. Availability of graphics and illustrations will help learners retain more information and keep them involved throughout the training process.

A combination of gamification, live chat functionality, ratings for courses, quizzes, stories, and discussion forums will ensure transparency. Points for lessons/ courses completed will engage learners and make them more active.

Eventually, insightful data will be available about the training efforts. Accordingly, the training sessions can be tweaked to ensure effective outcomes. This will reduce employee training costs in the future.

Integration with enterprise tools - LMS platforms like Axle work seamlessly with different enterprise tools. Hence, data related to the courses and materials can be hosted centrally. This saves effort and time as there is no need to search for training programs hosted on different platforms. Besides that, the Single-Sign-On (SSO) feature will facilitate users to access multiple learning systems using a single set of credentials.

Comprehensive data analytics - Our Axle learning management software for corporates measures the training progress of employees on a real-time basis. It offers a 360-degree view of the training programs and sessions. Data fetched from assessment scores, course reports, and leaderboards can be collated. Thus, it boosts competition among learners and motivates them to perform better. Metrics like completion rate, total training time, enrollment status, and surveys will help in accurately evaluating learner progress.

Blended Learning - LMS systems like Axle can simultaneously deliver the benefits of e-learning and instructor-led training. Blended learning will cut training costs by reducing fees for instructors and training materials. Trainers and attendees also do not incur any travel costs. Blended learning also decreases the time away from work as e-learning happens at a time best suited for the trainee.



Authoring Tools - Training costs can be decreased significantly by authoring tools. It helps in designing responsive courses with curated content. Story-based learning with interesting scenarios will grab the attention of trainees. Hence, authoring tools available on our Axle learning management software offer advantages like the presence of drag-and-drop templates, intuitive learning, flexible production of content output, and multi-format compatibility.

Wrapping Up

As a result, the usage of learning management software like Axle will create a high-quality working environment. This will reduce corporate training expenses to a large extent. Hence, companies can offer a positive learning experience for their skilled employees and increase their return on investment. In the long run, our LMS systems for corporates will improve accessibility to training and increase employee retention rates. What are you waiting for? Harness the power of e-learning by contacting the team of Novac Learning soon.


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