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How LMS for institutes helps you in leveraging your e-learning business

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How LMS for institutes helps you in leveraging your e-learning business


In recent times, training enterprises are using learning management software for upskilling learners. It simplifies the process of creating, launching, and managing courses. Likewise, Novac Learning offers a cloud-based LMS for enterprises, training companies, and coaching institutes. These LMS users can build their personal brand in the e-learning space. They can easily create, market, and sell online courses. Eventually, training academies can grow their e-learning business by selling more courses and earning revenue. This will help in building a solid brand and a robust business.

Know how LMS for institutes enables the marketing of online courses

Efficient content management - Admins of LMS platforms are responsible for configuring courses. They will have numerous options to add, edit, and view e-learning content. Our training management software has a content upload facility and is compatible with multiple course formats.

Transparency is ensured as details about course properties and completion criteria are available. Our LMS for institutes is compatible with numerous course formats like HTML, SCORM 1.2, and AICC. Further, there is also a course disablement option.


Seamless catalog management - Admins of LMS systems can create a customized set of courses. Learners can see the list of available courses and enroll for the same. Apart from offering custom courses, admins can impress trainees by creating individual learning plans. Moreover, there is a course overview page for showcasing an introduction video and course outline.

Extensive assessments - Training institutes ought to continuously monitor learner performance. Our learning management software conducts both pre and post-course assessments. Timed assessments will help in evaluating the progress made by trainees. Learners will also know their standing based on instructor feedback.

Streamlined learner management - Usage of LMS for institutes will assist admins in keeping a close eye on the activities of learners. Trainees can adequately develop their skills and enhance their knowledge after completing quizzes, tests, and assessments. Our corporate training software helps admins to manage course enrollment and learning plans of individuals.

Systematic access management - Our LMS for institutes has a detailed authorization process in place. Hence, users have to authenticate themselves to access specific courses. Besides that, LMS platforms have a password policy. This eases the implementation of custom access rights.

Detailed reporting - A complete picture of learner performance is available through course reports. It displays stats related to trainee progress and completion rates. Thus, learners can identify areas for improvement.

Further, course completion reports will point out whether trainees have acquired knowledge or not. Later, enterprises can invest in online training programs based on the results. Our learning management software will enable the creation of personalized training material after identifying the skill gaps.

Course Evaluation - Institutes will know if training programs have produced the desired outcomes. Our LMS will ask learners a set of questions. This will help in gathering their feedback after they complete a course. Moreover, surveys and leaderboards are created after each course level. Training institutes can view answers, reports, and individual learner feedback anytime.


Course Ratings - Collaborative learning is ensured on our LMS platform. Learners can add a star rating in the range of 1-5 to every course. Coaching institutes can identify popular courses and find out the scope for improvement. Learners can provide feedback quickly for individual courses, curriculum, and course bundles.

Analyzing the importance of adaptive learning

Tailormade learning experience - Creating an individual learning path will help in developing a personalized journey. This offers sufficient freedom for learners while they interact with courses and training programs.

Identification of knowledge gaps - A variety of data can be collected about learners at each and every step of the training process. Interactive visualizations will help in knowing the strengths and weaknesses of trainees. Undoubtedly, the impact of training programs will reflect on their performance. Accordingly, content can be created and delivered in a targeted manner to bridge skill deficiencies and knowledge gaps.

Content Unlock - Learners can unlock special content after completing achievements. Hence, points and scores are rewarded whenever trainees make progress. As they move forward in a course, learners will have a chance to unlock different levels. Therefore, in the quest for knowledge, trainees will be motivated to meet performance standards.

Course Completion - Trainers can analyze the progress of learners by viewing the course completion dashboard. Individuals will know the parts that have been finished/ not finished. Instructors can keep a close watch by seeing the visual progress bar.

Content Access restrictions - Our LMS for institutes has a content restriction access option. Establishing a members-only plan will limit access to certain courses and pages. After determining the price, both free and paid access plans can be created.


Before finalizing a strategy for selling courses, training institutes can make more money from the LMS by offering value to learners. This will ultimately determine the pricing of courses. Further, our learning management software has e-commerce elements. Integration of payment gateways and the inclusion of discount coupons will ease the process for learners. This will increase user satisfaction and they will purchase more courses in the future. Do you want to deliver learning content directly to your target audience and earn money by selling courses? Choose our LMS for institutes now and witness skyrocketing sales.


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