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Why Learning management System (LMS) is a must-have for companies

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Why Learning management System (LMS) is a must-have for companies


Organizations need to constantly train and upskill their workforce. Consistent transfer of knowledge is essential for workers to upgrade their skills and perform their roles to perfection. Likewise, using a well-rounded Learning Management System can be a game-changer for business enterprises.

Novac Learning offers Axle LMS for corporates. This will help organizations to manage their training programs. With pre-built courses and training materials, we assure a targeted learning experience that adds value. Besides that, employees can achieve their goals by continuously monitoring their progress.

Compelling reasons to opt for the Axle learning management software

Single Source of Truth -Our LMS systems like Axle remove complications while conducting training programs. It acts as a point of reference and sorts out interoperability issues. Hence, all the curriculum and training materials can be organized in a single location. Axle LMS for corporates will serve as a one-stop destination for managing the activities of learners, finalizing course plans, and generating custom reports. Timely sharing of information will ensure continuity in learning and keep different departments on the same page.

Tracking of performance - Organizations can evaluate the impact of LMS platforms on their workforce. Our Axle LMS for corporates has several measures in place to track the progress of workers. Comprehensive assessments and quizzes will determine the level of employee understanding of courses. Subsequently, custom certificates are generated based on the grades/ scores of learners. Follow-up is ensured as instructors give detailed feedback on all assignments.

Blended Learning - As corporate companies scale up their business operations, there will be an increase in the need for training new employees. Blended learning is the perfect option to deal with such challenges. It offers advantages like affordability, flexibility in terms of offline and online learning, and 24x7x365 access to training materials. This approach will suit the different learning styles of trainees. Besides that, learners can retain more information by operating in a self-paced manner. Our Axle LMS for corporates will offer the benefits of blended learning through virtual classrooms and instructor-led training sessions.

This approach will suit the different learning styles of trainees. Besides that, learners can retain more information by operating in a self-paced manner. Our Axle LMS for corporates will offer the benefits of blended learning through virtual classrooms and instructor-led training sessions.

Gamification - Trainers can capture the attention of learners and keep them hooked by using the power of gamification. Our Axle LMS for corporates offers badges for trainees when they complete courses.

Further, leaderboards will recognize the achievements of learners and motivate their progress. In the long run, organizations can reward active employees (with the highest points and most collected badges). Apart from increasing the engagement of learners, gamification helps in designing better courses based on the interests and likes of trainees.


Tailor-made learning - LMS platforms like Axle create a custom learning path that covers all the stages in the employee journey. It takes care of aspects like course registration, program enrollment, and course assignment. Subsequently, alerts and tasks will be created to ensure efficient learner management.

Thus, learning plans will be configured according to the requirements of each employee. Our Axle learning management software also supports competency management through individual learning programs, tracking of activities and courses, and certifications.

Mobile-friendly - Apart from offering ready-to-access learning content, Axle is a mobile-friendly LMS. This offers advantages like higher employee retention rate, better engagement, personalized learning experience, and cost-effective imparting of knowledge.

Mobile-adaptive LMS platforms will contribute to a stress-free work environment. It also leads to convenience as employees can attend the training sessions anytime. Ultimately, this contributes to a good performance at work.


The highlights of our Axle Learning Management System are

Seamless content management - Online training can be delivered in a trouble-free manner by using our Axle LMS systems. We support multiple course formats like HTML5, AICC, and SCORM 2004. Besides that, there are several options like bulk course creation, assignment upload, and content upload wizard. Learner activity can be monitored on a real-time basis by setting prerequisites for courses, fixing deadlines for assignments, and determining course completion criteria.

Adaptive learning - Learners have full freedom in interacting with training programs and courses on our Axle LMS platform. The content is adjusted based on the learning needs of each trainee. Individual learner pathways can be created through conditional dividers between course sets. Moreover, learners can unlock special content after completing specific achievements.

Course Evaluation mechanism - Axle learning management software for corporates takes into account the response of users. Courses can be tweaked based on feedback, surveys, and polls.

Catalog Management - Blended learning and course management can be done easily on our LMS system like Axle. Features like custom course fields, group courses, advanced search, and content tagging ensure the utmost comfort for employees. Courses and activities can also be moved by utilizing the backup and restore process. This leads to better organizing of the learning material by categorizing the courses and programs based on official or ad hoc tags.

Multiple communication options - Axle LMS for corporates facilitates a learner-centric pedagogy. Trainees can ask questions and discuss ideas through web conferencing platforms, instant messaging apps, and emails. Learners can stay updated through custom notifications, auto-reminder emails, and real-time alerts.

Final Thoughts

As seen above, our Axle learning management software can be used for employee onboarding and knowledge retention of existing workers. With easy access to materials and the availability of flexible learning options, it supports both virtual and in-person training. Want to adapt quickly in the digital era? Get in touch with Novac Learning now and use our state-of-the-art LMS for corporates. Our LMS platform will perfectly suit your business needs. This will optimize training costs and increase operational productivity to a significant extent.


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