Immersive Learning

Simulated learning environments have to be an effective methodology to train and retain information for learners in virtual scenarios actively. It is instigated with state-of-the-art technology to save considerable resources and can be developed to simulate any environment best suited to match the learners perspective.

Why Choose Novac's Virtual And Augmented Reality Development?

Novac Learning creates custom virtual reality development for organizations that seeks to upscale their training process in a safe virtual reality training environment.

Services Included

Virtual Reality Development

3600 Videos

The 360 degree videos are developed to create an impactful, high retention walkthrough and other types of orientations that expands the purview and interaction of learners with the environment.

Virtual Reality Development Platform

Virtual Reality

Learning sessions are now turned into hands-on interactive sessions with VR-dependent simulations that transform passive learners into active ones.

Virtual Reality Development

Augmented Reality

The next-gen real-time learning environment can be detailed much more by adding virtual objects defined with just-in-time learnings relevant content.

Virtual Reality Software Development

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality offers high-resolution simulations integrated with VR and AR that gives the learners an all-around immersive experience.

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