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Keeping in mind about all the facets of corporate learning needs, we create engaging eLearning Content with the right tools to make immersive learning all-rounded and fun all the while ensuring the learners retain the needed information.

Features of the platform

customized elearning lab

Customised eLearning

A common eLearning system wouldn’t fit all the needs of an organization. Every individual is unique and offering a vast range of personalized content will ascertain the learning capabilities of the individual’s needs.

gamified learning

Gamified Learning

Learning can be fun if done right. Games are great motivators and they can drive to retain information, incorporate ideas, earn badges and climb up on the leaderboards to enhance the learning experience.



Microlearning is a type of learning that incorporates rich graphics and animations to create small and powerful concepts for learners to get to know about the said concepts instantly.

scenario based

Scenario-based Learning

Scenario-based learning allows learners to actively participate in well-crafted scenarios supported by problem-based or case-based strategies.

application testing

Application Simulation

Onboarding a team can be a daunting process and by integrating application simulation, your employees/learners can get to know comprehensive first hand about enterprise application, software or a business tool.

blended learning

Blended Learning

A holistic learning environment with the right mix of instructor and digital learning tools such as virtual classrooms, video conferencing and eLearning.

just in time learning

Just-in-time Learning (JIT)

JIT contains short, impactful lessons with relevant support tools for the learners to partake in the lessons, anytime, anywhere regardless of the content topic.

digital creatives

Digital Creatives

Showcase uniqueness of your brand through marketing tools like infographics, videos that are designed to suit individual corporate needs.

technical Writing

Technical Writing

Create extensive technical documents that will serve as a knowledge bank for learning, reference and troubleshooting for both software and hardware users.

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