Microlearning – The next big thing in Digital Marketing

Microlearning – The next big thing in Digital Marketing

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James wanted to invest his surplus income to grow his wealth. But he was unsure where to invest his hard earned money. He came across a video in Facebook that introduced various Investment tools and at the end of the video there was a link that lead to a video gallery of a Finance company’s website which had videos on various Investment options. James later did an analysis of the top performing investment tools based on the learning gained through the videos. Finally, he invested in one of the Mutual funds managed by this company. This was despite the fact that none of the videos mentioned the s offered by the company. James didn’t stop with that, he also started discussing a lot with his friends about finance and savings which made him a go to guy for financial advice amongst his friends.

Of course James is fictional, but this is very true in today’s scenario where the consumers are engulfed in Internet and social media. This is a classic example of what consumer education can lead to.

Why Consumer Education?

A business should always take a proactive approach and see that a customer learns about their business or industry. A solid customer education policy shows the customers that the business cares about them and hence keeps them informed not just about their , but the industry as well. This creates loyal customers and should be a key part of your business strategy. You need to provide information that will attract and help your prospects in solving their problems and to enable them make better decisions

How Marketing can benefit from Customer Education?

Education Based Marketing gives customers what they want – advice and knowledge without requiring anything in return. You are establishing yourself as an authority and your prospective customers will see you as a reliable source of knowledge.

Suppose you offer information to your consumers through E Learning courses for free, you can then follow up with invites to events you hold, direct them to your website to download a free report or e-book, a complimentary phone consultation, a no obligation meeting, etc. By offering free information, advice and even informative tangibles such as white papers, to a potential customer, you will establish yourself as a trusted authority in your space, and customers will think of you when they need help or when something changes in their current situation.

Research has shown that customers who find the right educational assets are 29 times more likely to buy compared to ads alone.

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is a method that uses small moments of learning to drive job performance and employee development. It is appropriate when the learner needs help doing something specific or reference a snippet of content to make a decision. Microlearning events are short, though there is no defined duration and focuses on a narrow topic, concept or idea. Microlearning content can be in the form of a presentation, game, video, quiz, e book, image or any other format from which someone learns.

Why Microlearning for Consumer Education?

Today people google for any information they require on the go. If you can build a fantastically comprehensive webpage that shows your consumers exactly how to do a particular thing with descriptions and associated graphic instructions included, then it would be 10 times better than anything else out there on google. So, eventually you would be found in more and more search results of google and in turn move your website above your competitors in google searches. This will eventually lead to increase in traffic to your website.

But remember that the most effective consumer education approaches align strong brand strategies with the best adult learning technologies and principles that allow learners to pull exactly the right information at their point of need.

Fortunately, Instructional Design offers exactly the same through Microlearning. Extraordinary results can be achieved by using Instructional Design that delivers interactive eLearning experiences combined with subtle branding. Moreover, Instructional design and marketing can merge to create valuable consumer education that reflects the brand value of the organisation.

How can we help you?

Wondering how to kickstart your Consumer Education initiative to boost your Marketing Goals? At myCoach we constantly work with our clients to achieve their marketing goals through Consumer Education, helping them build the most Influential Brand Awareness content in their industry. If you want to upgrade your marketing strategy by harnessing the power of Microlearning, then feel free to contact us for a 15 Minute free consultation with our Instructional Designers. This consultation will be a no Obligation meeting as a part of our Consumer Education Initiative.


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